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Are you looking for a deep female voice-over in Saudi Arabic dialect? Maii is a professional voiceover actress in Saudi Arabic Language With her Friendly Voice, she could deliver the best educational voice-over in Saudi and khaliji accent, not only for e-learning but also a voice-over for storytelling or an audiobook or any narration style. Maii is doing the Arabic Saudi voice acting from a professional home studio and before delivering the work to you, we send the audio to one of our sound engineers to make the mixing and mastering to make sure that we deliver the best quality in Saudi voice over.She will always work in a quick and efficient manner and can deliver projects within 48 hours. With extensive work in:
  • Commercials,
  • Television, Radio, Social Media,
Corporate Sectors and How-To Videos     Why Choose this voice? Friendly - believable - conversational - relaxed - calm - honest - relatable - professional - easygoing - straightforward - dynamic - comforting - intellectual - reassuring - educational - storyteller - unique - fun - articulate – narrator. Interested? Let´s work together & get your project started!   How much does it cost a Female Arabic Saudi Voiceover?  Need help? Contact us now at [email protected]