Moroccan Arabic (Darija – الدارجة)

Moroccan male voiceover

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Med is a Moroccan male voiceover with over a decade of voice work experience Whether you are looking for a polished professional, quirky teenager, or young mom, he has you covered! He will find the truth in your text and tell the story you want to tell. His VO reads range from warm and caring to energetic and intelligent. What you get by ordering with him:
  • Your audio file recorded in studio with perfect sound quality.
  • The audio perfectly edited and mastered in WAV quality (unless if another format is required)
Word used to describe Med's voice: Warm, Conversational, Energetic, Friendly, Confident, Approachable. Just tell us the style you're looking for, and what you want, and he will record your script Moroccan male voiceover   Need help? Contact us now at [email protected]

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