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“The voice that represents your company can make all the difference when it comes your image and professionalism” Amany is a top Arabic Female Voice Over Artist, she will make your audio sound conversational, like you're talking to a friend. She voices a lot of eLearning and narration because she has great diction and can explain complicated concepts clearly. She also voices a host of fun characters and she’ll create that unique voice that helps your project stand out. To find the perfect voice for your project, listen to Amany's wide range of demos for performances that will sell your brand in the most authentic way possible Here are a couple buzzwords we hear a lot when it comes to her voice: Friendly - believable - conversational - relaxed - calm - honest - relatable - professional - easygoing - straightforward - dynamic - comforting - intellectual - reassuring - educational - storyteller - unique - fun - articulate – narrator.   Need help? Contact us now at [email protected]

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